Celtic Breeze

Celtic Breeze

Celtic Breeze Band was formed in 2005 primarily to play traditional Celtic music at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View. Since then, the group has performed at venues as varied as the Scottish Festival at Lyon College and “Celtic in the Caverns” in the Great Cathedral Room at Blanchard Springs Caverns in Fifty-six, Arkansas.  

Traditional Celtic music continues to have a profound influence on American Folk, Gospel, County Western, and even Bluegrass, and most of the Celtic Breeze Band’s repertoire is firmly rooted in Celtic tradition. The group’s repertoire also includes a body of music from Medieval times, and, if desired by the presenter, the group’s members can provide spoken historical background that adds interest and educational value to the performance to demonstrates the debt modern music owes to its Celtic roots.  

Visit the website for Celtic Breeze Band Website for samples of their music: 


Region: Northeast
Discipline: Music: Cultural Traditions/World Music
Fees: $1,250 / day for 5 musicians $250 per individual musician. Travel beyond 100 miles from Mountain View / $0.50 per mile Lodging, if necessary, at $100 per musician per diem; adequate lodging and meals may also be provided by presenter as alternative.
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Solo and up to 3 performers in small venues can provide own sound system or use house system, if available; full group or larger venues require adequate house system, including 5 vocal microphones, 4 instrumental microphones, and 1 direct box. Celtic Breeze can furnish a sound engineer, if necessary.


Charlie Mink
Mountain View, Arkansas 72560-0347
(870) 585-2406
[email protected]

Celtic Breeze