Elizabeth Weber

Elizabeth Weber

One of the featured artists in “Mix, Melt, Mark, and Brush: a Color Show,” Elizabeth Weber is also available to provide programming in association with the exhibition tour. Possible offerings include a gallery talks, Power Point presentation on her work; and painting workshops for tailored for students in grades 3-12, or for adults and seniors.

“I seek out the light in every aspect of my life. I search for that sliver of illumination in the midst of darkness. My paintings all start on a black canvas just as each day’s journey starts by acknowledging my own inner shadows. It is only from having experienced a place of darkness that one can truly appreciate the spark of life. This ever present need for light, manifests as a longing for connection. Connection with my fellow man, to the life force within myself, between the heat of my heart with another… But it is through this longing to not just connect, but to become truly lost within the Light and Heat of the Divine, that I paint.

Elizabeth Weber—artist’s statement

All AOT programs or workshops are contracted directly with the artist separately from the exhibition rental agreement. Workshops require venue coordination of enrollment/fees and provision of workshop materials after consulting with the artist.

Region: Central
Discipline: Visual Arts: Workshops
Fees: $600 - $1,000; travel/lodging if necessary
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: basic workshop materials include computer and projector; stage floor, sound equipment; paper, pencils, images in plastic sleeves, books available; student materials: canvases, paints, brushes, water buckets, rags, various items to create texture, sponges


Elizabeth Weber
Little Rock, AR 72206
(501) 541-5728
[email protected]

Elizabeth Weber