Emily Moll Wood

Emily Moll Wood

One of the featured artists in “Mix, Melt, Mark, and Brush: a Color Show,” Emily Moll Wood is also available to provide programming in association with the exhibition tour. Possible offerings include a gallery talk, demonstrations of her painting process, or a separate two-day portrait painting workshop for adults.

The portrait workshop is intended for any painter with some drawing or painting experience, and minimal experience with drawing or painting portraits is preferred. Participants may use any painting medium they feel comfortable with, although demonstrations will be given in Acrylic.

Instruction will include how to “see” a subject’s face better, in order to create a more convincing likeness. Tips and tricks are provided so that participants can better place and render facial features and mix more accurate skin tones.

Emily Moll Wood is a painting instructor at the Arkansas arts Center Museum School. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Painting from UA Little Rock, and has studied painting at the Art Students League of New York. Emily’s work has won awards in juried exhibitions throughout the South.

All programs or workshops are contracted directly with the artist separate from the exhibition rental agreement. Workshops require venue coordination of enrollment/fees and provision of workshop materials after consulting with the artist.

Region: Central
Discipline: Visual Arts: Workshops
Fees: $600 - $1,000
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Painting workshop materials for students


Emily Moll Wood
Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 773-4121
[email protected]

Emily Moll Wood