Foreign Tongues Poetry Troupe

Foreign Tongues Poetry Troupe

Foreign Tongues is an artistic organization that travels, conducts workshops, and performs poetry in Arkansas and throughout the United States.  Composed of authors, educators, entertainers, actors, visual artists, playwrights, award winning slam poets, hip-hop artists, and entrepreneurs, the group is a diverse collective linked by a common thread which is their love for poetry. Collectively, Foreign Tongues has over 50 years of spoken word/poetry slam experience.  In 2014, The Foreign Tongues Poetry Troupe finished 2nd at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam, the second largest poetry completition in the nation.  

Foreign Tongues offers many different services to educators and the community, including conducting workshops on slam poetry, narrative poetry, spoken word poetry, ensemble poetry, and creative writing. Within their workshops, Foreign Tongues covers such topics/issues as bullying, overcoming obstacles, accepting who you are, unlocking your imagination, cultural awareness, developing imagery, stage presence/delivery, understanding poetic devices, and storytelling. Although the Foreign Tongues workshops vary, they are all filled with energy and creativity. The fact that the organization has multiple members also allows students/adults to have more one on one interaction and personal instruction with a poet during workshops. 

Foreign Tongues also conducts poetry performances, and in recent years they have performed at coffee houses, art galleries, book stores, museums, middle schools, high schools, conferences, and colleges/universities. During the performance each member of the organization brings their own unique style of writing and performing to the stage as they share their gifts with the audience individually and through group/ensemble poems. In these group/ensemble poems, 2 to 5 members of the organization perform a poem simultaneously with synergy and precise choreography.

For the last two years Foreign Tongues has partnered with the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center to create a performance poetry series entitled, “Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Piece.” The poetry series brings poets and writers from across the country to perform for and educate the Central Arkansas community and inspire youth to write, read, and channel their emotions through creative outlets. The event also allows middle school and high school students to perform their own poetry in front of hundreds of people and alongside world renowned poets. “Speak Now” is free to the public and takes place quarterly.

Region: Central
Discipline: Theater: Single Actor Portrayals/Performance Poetry
Fees: $1,000 – $1,500 (Depending upon length of performance) $1,000 - $2,000 (Depending upon length of workshop)
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: At least 2 microphones, an amplifier, and speakers are preferred for performances


Stacey McAdoo
Little Rock, Arkansas 72183-0023
[email protected]

Foreign Tongues Poetry Troupe