Howard & Skye

Howard & Skye

p>Jonathan Howard and Blueflower Skye are entering their fourth year of partnership as the acoustic Americana duo “Howard & Skye.” Based in Central Arkansas, Jonathan and Blueflower nurture their musical roots by performing regularly throughout Arkansas and neighboring states while consistently writing new material. Their sound, flavored with their signature harmonies, defies any specific genre and comprises a blend of Americana, folk, country, blues and rock.

Jonathan Howard’s lyrics, though often somber or reflective, are skillfully counterbalanced with musical accompaniment that runs the gamut from intricate and mellow through upbeat and raucous. His style is strongly influenced by a pool of classic singer-songwriters to whom he grew up listening, including the likes of Guy Clark, Kris Kristofferson, and JJ Cale. Drawing from his own personal observation of the world, Jonathan presents his perceptions musically for listeners to interpret as they see fit.

Resounding with a melodic blend of country, folk, blues and pop, Blueflower Skye's songs pull listeners in with stories of joy, loss and personal strife. Her sound is inspired by a passion for folklore and tradition. Her words, conveyed through veils of metaphor and symbolism, ring with a vulnerable sentiment, and are expressed with a vocal style that critics and fans have mentioned hints to Stevie Nicks, Emmylou Harris and Martina McBride.

Thus the personality of Howard & Skye's sound is borne of each artist's contrasting yet complementary styles. The blend of Jonathan's grit and Blueflower's penchant for melody is perceived not only in their collaborations, but also in the body of their works as a whole.

Region: Central
Discipline: Music: Solo Singers/Songwriters
Fees: $600 - $1,200/performance; travel and lodging. Fee is dependent on event type, length of performance, travel distance, etc.
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: sound system with four inputs (three vocal mic and one acoustic guitar pickup); two mic stands; the duo can provide a Bose sound system/equipment


Jonathan Howard
Morrilton, AR 72110
(512) 905-0750
[email protected]

Howard & Skye