Marlene Gremillion

Marlene Gremillion

After making several moves throughout the Midwest and the Southern United States, and taking a variety of workshops from nationally known instructors, Marlene Gremillion has settled into being a serious artist. Living in Hot Springs Village, Marlene loves and enjoys the outdoors. Rocks and mountains can frequently be seen in her pieces. She is involved in the community by teaching, displaying her art, and having an active voice in the art field through the numerous organizations where she is a member. The topics of her workshops reflect the range of her interests:

1) Jewelry Making—Working with Copper Wire: a 1-day workshop to create a necklace or bracelet and earrings

2) Collage and Watercolor Abstraction with Oriental Papers: a 2-day workshop where students color Oriental papers and create an abstract collage with cut and torn pieces

3) Watercolor Miniature Abstracts: a 2-day session using simple colors and distorted shapes from useful objects found in the house.

4) Painting Large Flowers in a Different Way: a 2-3 day intensive experimenting with multi-media additions to watercolor while painting flowers

5) Abstract-Impressionistic Mixed Media Painting on Yupo: a 3-day workshop where students work with color to create interesting textures and focus on composition

6) Portraits in Watercolor from Photo: a 3-day session in watercolor portraiture from student photo

7) Collage and More: a 4-day session on designing and coloring ordinary tissue paper and creating an abstracted assembled piece

8) Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop: a one-day workshop making two bracelets out of copper jump rings. Students will learn to handle jump rings linking them together in two different patterns to form strong and decorative bracelets. Students also learn to make two different hooks out of wire to close the bracelets.

9) A Design Approach to Painting a Watercolor Abstract: a two-day workshop where students will find an abstract composition in an image and translate it into a small collage using magazine pages and glue. The piece will then be used as a thumbnail for a large full sheet watercolor painting.

10) Polymer Clay Workshop: a two-day workshop where students work with polymer clay. Students will learn how to texture, imprint, foil, and layer polymer in various colors. Some designing of the jewelry pieces will be covered while making pendants and earrings.

11) Realistic Flower Workshop: a 3-4 workshop where students learn how to handle watercolor to create a close up flower composition.

Region: Southwest
Discipline: Visual Arts: Workshops

$40 per student per day; lodging if workshop is more than one day. $300 Exhibition of Framed Paintings and/or jewelry; workshop in conjunction with exhibition $300 for the day

Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Well-lighted room, adequate tables and chairs for group, access to water.


Marlene Gremillion
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas 71909-2745
[email protected]

Marlene Gremillion