Paul Prater

Paul Prater

Paul Prater has quality programs and shows for any age—from kindergarten through adult.

Paul provides educational and entertaining programs for elementary, middle, and high schools. He also can offer shows for libraries and other educational programming. No matter what the age range or type of educational event, Paul will provide an exciting, interactive and amazing show just for you!

Aside from his school programs, Paul can also astound you with a mind-reading stage show that will take the audience on a ride they have never before experienced. Audience members will get to experience time travel, astral projection, and possible contact from those who have passed on. This is no "sit back and watch" show.” It’s very interactive, and the audience helps to create the show along with Paul, making it unique each time.

Prater's show will challenge your audience to consider how the impossible can become possible and then use this knowledge to challenge them to make empowering changes in their own life.

Paul Prater has a range of shows to fit any group!

Region: Central
Discipline: Theater: Magic and Illusion/Puppetry
Fees: $595 - $2,000; any travel more than 100 miles from Little Rock requires a $95 travel fee. If the event occurs after 5:00 pm, lodging may need to be provided
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Prefers sound system provided, but can supply own sound equipment if necessary


Paul Prater
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116
(870) 543-9064;
[email protected]

Paul Prater