Still On The Hill

Still On The Hill

The Ozark folk duo Still on the Hill captures an audience and holds them from start to finish. They do it year after year, constantly reinventing themselves, producing one compelling project after another. In 2008 they releasedOzark- A Celebration in Song and began their ongoing journey as musical documentarians of Ozark history. This CD resulted in their receiving the Governor’s Folk Life Award and being featured in an AETN broadcasted documentary. Since Ozark, the duo has released 3 more collections of story-songs of the Ozarks including Once a River(Beaver Lake watershed), Still a River (Buffalo River), and Cane Hill (Historic Ozark town).

When you hire Still on the Hill, you are getting a real “show” with a thread that unifies the performance from start to finish. They offer 3 different programs that are of interest to both adult and young audiences. Students from grades 4-12 are mesmerized by the colorful stories and the riveting musical performance. They gain a new awareness and appreciation of regional history and culture, and how they, themselves, are a part of it.

The following is a brief description of the shows that are available. All include a “low-tech Power Point presentation”’--a series of handmade IMAGE quilts that depicts each song the duo sings.

An Ozark Journey – includes elements of their various Ozark themes, including regional folk traditions, handmade Ozark instruments, and historical stories of the region in song. The importance of the “folk tradition” is emphasized throughout the highly engaging show. Instruments include banjo, fiddle, mandolin, an Ed Stilley guitar and fiddle, homemade banjos and fiddles and more.

Instrument Makers of the Ozarks – an Ozark journey, but with a focus on the resourceful instrument makers of our state. Played entirely on authentic instruments built by Ed Stilley, Denton Boze, Elliot Smith, Jim Lee, and others, with songs about the makers. This program has an emphasis on folk traditions of the Northwest region.

Our Natural State – Kelly and Donna are lifelong naturalists with an emphasis on birds, and they offer a whole collection of original songs that celebrate the rich beauty of Arkansas and its wildlife. They have been Ornithology instructors for the Halberg Audubon Ecology Camp for 18 years and are well qualified to take on this role. The instruments used are, as always, diverse and traditional- banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle and more. Great for Earth Day celebrations as well!

Region: Northwest
Discipline: Music: Folk/Bluegrass/Acoustic
Fees: $850 Still on the Hill performance /$450 additional show in same location
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Electricity and lighting as needed.


Kelly or Donna Mulhollan
Fayetteville, AR 72703
(479) 582-2291
[email protected]

Still On The Hill