Storybook Strings

Storybook Strings

Storybook Strings is a string quartet whose members maintain diverse musical careers in schools, orchestras, churches, and jazz/bluegrass combos of northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas River valley. They collaborate to create original musical interpretations of popular literature, to provide excellent classical music for private events, and to inspire people of all ages with educational and exciting public performances.

The highlight of each Storybook Strings family concert is their musical interpretation of children's literature. "The World's Greatest Storybook Reader," Mr. Jim Loyd, reads popular children’s books while four musicians accompany the stories on violin, viola, and double bass. Each story has a different musical style, with roots in boogie-woogie, classical, hip hop, Latin, folk, and movie music.

During their concerts, members of Storybook Strings explain the science behind string instruments. Young volunteers from the audience get to try playing an instrument for themselves. Children also get a behind-the-scenes look at the process of composing music and an appreciation of different musical styles.

Founded in 2013, Storybook Strings has been featured on "Of Note with Katy Henriksen" (a production of KUAF National Public Radio at 91.3 FM), and has performed at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, in Fayetteville and Fort Smith Public Schools, at several private events, and at public libraries in Bella Vista, Bentonville, Mountain Home, Farmington, and Fayetteville. Their 2015 commercial release First Edition, is available for purchase online and at all Storybook Strings performances.

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Region: Northwest
Discipline: Music: Quartets/Ensembles

$700 / service up to 2.5 hours

$0.50 / mile travel for any musician going beyond 30 miles
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Four straight-backed chairs with no arms or wheels; performance space at least 6’ deep x 8’ wide, with protection from elements; restroom access. In large venues, the group also needs a wireless body microphone and a microphone on a stand.


Elizabeth Lyon-Ballay
Bella Vista, Arkansas
(479) 295-5434
[email protected]

Storybook Strings