Terence L. Bolden

Terence L. Bolden

Terence L. Bolden is a poet and playwright, as well as a public speaker. His goal is showcasing young people’s talents and giving them the opportunity to express them in written or acting form. His programs and workshops include

• Poetry Writing and Spoken Word—a workshop to teach young children between the ages of 3-11 basic writing and speaking skills for literacy development purposes using poetry, music, visual arts, and dance

• Playwriting and Stage Presence—a workshop to showcase specialized talents in young children and give them an opportunity for expression

• Entrepreneurial Training Skills through the Arts—a workshop designed to teach 8-18 year olds how to use the technological age for producing and marketing their talents and skills

• Radio and Communications—a workshop centered on teaching young people how to use their speaking ability through radio and other communications media.

Region: Central
Discipline: Theater: Single Actor Portrayals/Performance Poetry
Fees: $500-$2,000 per workshop. Travel /$.48 cents per mile; lodging / $85.00 per day; meals /$35.00 per day. If a digital projector or other electronic devices are needed, this will be negotiated extra in advance of workshops.
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Presentations are better facilitated by utilizing technology such as a camcorder, digital camera, access to the internet, digital projector, overhead projector, or a screen in a room large enough to accommodate 25 to 40 students. Presenter will supply if possible.


Terence L. Bolden
Little Rock, Arkansas
850-766-9073 | 501-492-9019 | Fax: 888-244-6118
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Terence L. Bolden