Torry Dulaney Ministries

Torry Dulaney Ministries

Torry Dulaney is one of the most prolific artists of our time. “Passionate, poised, and precise” are just a few ways to describe this worship artist. As a premier vocalist and producer, Torry delivers with a style, demeanor, and presence that captivates his audience and maximizes his ability to flow with an inimitable sound.

Established in 2002, he recently was appointed worship leader at Rock Creek in Little Rock. Dulaney defines quality as ministry excellence on all levels of business and relationships. The secret behind his artistry is a pure heart coupled with an urban contemporary flow that transcends genres, venues and audience demographics.

"Music and singing not surrendered to God is not worship, it's just good music and good singing. It's not until we surrender our gifts unto God and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us that true worship occurs," says Dulaney.

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Region: Central
Discipline: Music: Gospel/Faith Based
Fees: $2,000-$5,000/performance Travel/lodging if necessary.
Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Sound system (Ryder provided upon booking)


Torry Dulaney or Larry Beaufort
Pine Bluff, AR 71603
(678) 308-7569
[email protected]

Torry Dulaney Ministries