Botos, Becky

Botos, Becky

Email Address: [email protected]
Medium: Drawings and Graphics,Mixed Media,Paintings
Region: Central
Residence: Mabelvale

My name is Becky Botos and I hope to enchant and amuse you with my art. Art need not be somber to be aesthetically pleasing. I have always been fascinated with mythology, fables, fairy tales and the magical. Frequently, I use metaphors as a springboard for my art.

My objective is to find and reveal the hidden magic in our world. A world where fantasy and reality meet and where the viewer can discover the unusual in the ordinary. My art is intended to engage the viewer’s imagination so that they want to enter my world of fantasy and humor. I hope that my work will inspire possibilities in the viewers’ minds so that they get lost in the details. Initially my work is perceived as a novelty but, upon closer inspection, the details, quality and craftsmanship are apparent.

My art is eclectic, diverse, unrestrained, conceptual and contradictive. My art is humorous, approachable, energetic, playful and conversational. My art is colorful, expressive, imaginative, distinctive and detailed. My art is me.

I enjoy watercolor, pen & ink, pencil, oils, oil pastels, acrylic and mixed media but collage captures my interest the most.

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