Miller-Bookhout, Robin

Miller-Bookhout, Robin

Email Address: [email protected]
Medium: Drawings and Graphics,Mixed Media,Paintings
Region: Central
Residence: North Little Rock

Robin Miller-Bookhout's Joie de Vivre and life-long passion is drawing, painting and creating art work. Robin has a deep reverence to God and to the many influences in her past and present. Being partial to watercolors (her first love) because of it's spontaneousness and free spirit, Robin creates using oil pastels, inks, acrylics, and virtually all art media, including digital artworks via technology. Her themes resonate of God's creations, preservation of nature, art of the heart and soul, as well as, still-lifes and themes relating to historical places. Robin is particularly interested in Sumi-e, the art of Japanese drawing, because of it's historical significance and the medium, India ink. Robin's intrigue with this art-form has so many similarities to the fluidity of watercolor painting, that as a result she became fascinated with Chinese brush painting. Robin also enjoys plein air studies, traveling and taking photographs of places she, family, and friends visit which she uses later in her studio to create many of her works of art.

Robin's style might be considered eclectic because she is influenced by so many artists, styles, techniques, and art forms, but she has a strong sense of the art fundamentals which is evident in her work. Teaching art foundations for so many years to all types of student learners, has attributed to a large degree, her feelings for the need for good composition in her pieces. Her technique is related to the type of medium she is using, but she is always open and flexible to experimenting and solving artistic problems.

Robin believes it is as important to understand why one doesn't like a particular work of art, as well as, why a person does. She senses art critiques and the understanding of the art elements and principles enables everyone to be able to have a knowledgeable and creative conversation about the arts. She realizes not everyone will become professional artists, art teachers, or work in art related fields, but she feels everyone should have the access to be patrons of the arts.

Robin also has a strong connection to all who explore their "right" brain and appreciate the arts. Her sincere hope, as she always expressed to her students, is that everyone enjoys and understands the visual arts since it is so interwoven in their everyday lives. As Robin would say...

"Aren't we all...Works of Art?"

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