Sims, Scarlet

Sims, Scarlet

Email Address: [email protected]
Medium: Drawings and Graphics,Mixed Media,Paintings,Photography
Region: Central
Residence: Little Rock

Awards: Individual Artist Fellowship

Scarlet Sims is an Arkansas native, storyteller and artist who believes art should do more than be beautiful — it should represent some aspect of truth.

“I am a dedicated truth-seeker in both my writing and art,” Scarlet said. “I believe that shows in my work.”

Scarlet was raised in Atkins, a rural town located an hour west of Little Rock. She currently resides in Springdale.

Scarlet graduated from Hendrix College in 1999 and moved to Washington, D.C., where she earned a master’s degree in mass communications in 2000. She now is a reporter at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

She joined the Artists of Northwest Arkansas in late 2015. Her artistic work has been shown in small galleries, including the former Stage 18 in Fayetteville. She has exhibited with the Artists of Northwest Arkansas.

Scarlet is a self-taught artist who uses mixed media to delve into color and form to evoke emotion. Her mediums include watercolor, pastel and oil paints. She also works in charcoal and ink, film photography and alternative printmaking.

As a reporter, Scarlet has vast experience as an observer, which has translated into her art. She carries pens, paints and an art journal everywhere — always looking for that image, that moment or that idea that will lead to better and bigger artistic works.

Scarlet often sketches or paints people in motion — bartenders and waitresses at work, coworkers at meetings and people she meets randomly at events. The sketches are not sittings
because Scarlet wants to capture authentic, but fleeting, emotions and expressions.

In her studio at home, Scarlet uses her sketches and photographs to put tougher more finished” works that often verge into abstract realism. She endeavors to have a voice through art.


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