Tucker, Allison

Tucker, Allison

Email Address: [email protected]
Medium: Drawings and Graphics,Paintings
Region: Central
Residence: Sherwood

Much of my artwork focuses on women's portraits. I draw each portrait using curved lines that reflect the soft feminine nature women tend to embody while also using heavier outlines to contrast that softness with a sense of boldness and strength. 

Whenever I sketch a portrait, I allow its meaning to develop naturally. It’s not uncommon for me to start a piece expecting its subject to look and “speak” one way and end up with a completely different piece with a very different message, or no message at all. Some portraits may simply represent a particular person with their own unique personalities and characteristics, while some may depict unseen struggles or unspoken ideas that stem from my own personal experiences and reflections.

I paint with watercolors as their fluid nature allows me to give up some sense of control and allow the paint to flow naturally, while also allowing me to take back that control wherever needed. It’s a balance that changes depending on the subject, meaning, and purpose of each painting. Some portraits may be more vibrant with a bolder color pallet, while others may be more subdued with lighter layers and washes of paint.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to experiment with a more simplistic, graphic style of drawing and painting that incorporates other mediums like gouache and ink. These pieces tend to be more lighthearted in their appearance and I look forward to playing with this aesthetic in the future.

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