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What's New

Arts Council to Collect Impact Data on Grants

Arkansas Arts Council - Thursday, October 17, 2019

Applications and information on final reports for grants will change for applicants filing for fiscal 2021 grants.

“The Arkansas Arts Council offers a multitude of grants for artists and arts programs,” said Patrick Ralston, director of the Arkansas Arts Council. “These minor changes will help us better understand the benefits our grants have on the communities and people we serve.”

The grants committee of the Arkansas Arts Council Advisory Council recently adopted the changes, which will be for grant applications and final report requirements for fiscal year 2021. The changes will have little impact on applicants but will give the Arkansas Arts Council more information about the impact of grants on communities, schools and organizations, said Jess Anthony, grant programs manager.

The committee enacted the changes to better understand how communities are impacted by the Arts Council’s grants, said committee Chairwoman Remica Gray in July. The committee and Arts Council staff have been meeting and considering changes for several months. Anthony announced the changes during the Advisory board meeting Oct. 8 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The changes include a revised application section that asks applicants to report their membership in local, state, regional or national arts or arts-affiliated organizations. The information will help the Arts Council match local arts organization with potential partners and collaborators.

Applications and final reports will also have new language. Applicants will be asked about how much grant money will go directly to proposed, grant-funded activities and projects. If awarded, the grantee will be asked to send follow-up, final reports that show or calculate measurable impacts and outcomes. Essentially, awardees will be asked to report what the grant-funded project accomplished or the impact it made.

The changes are in line with what other arts agencies request from applicants. Information from the National Endowment for the Arts shows other states and nonprofit organizations monitor the effectiveness of their arts programs, which is the goal for the Arkansas Arts Council.

The changes are in the grant applications for fiscal 2021 are available at www.arkansasarts.org. For more information, contact Anthony at [email protected] or at 501-324-9768.