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Simple Resolutions to Make Your Best Art in 2019

Arkansas Arts Council - Friday, January 04, 2019

Image Courtesy of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

Are you still searching for that resolution? Something to really improve you and your art in 2019? Try out our five resolutions!

  • 1. One sketch per day. The Sketch-A-Day challenge can help artists improve technical skills, increase creativity and boost the amount of sharable content on social media. Need help setting up that sketch-a-day resolution? Check out this blog: https://creativemarket.com/blog/how-to-do-a-sketch-365-or-sketch-a-day-challenge
  • 2. Post to Instagram and Facebook once a day. Turns out more and more artists and young people are looking to Instagram because of the platform’s delightful, visual capabilities. Facebook still maintains a huge draw and audience, but now the two platforms can be linked. What you post to IG can automatically post to FB. Two birds with one stone! Doing at least one post per day will help get your art noticed! https://www.revlocal.com/blog/social-media-marketing/how-often-should-your-business-post-on-social-media
  • 3. Clean your art room and swap out materials you don’t use. Online Facebook swap and art groups will let you post items for sale or swap. Why not swap out those colors you aren’t using? Plus, it’s a great excuse to meet more artists!
  • 4. Experiment. This one is so much fun. Central Arkansas has a plethora of art exhibits, workshops, venues and events. Find a place that will let you have free samples of products or go out on a limb and take a course in a technique completely outside of your comfort zone. Doing something new creates good stress that can increase focus, creativity, pace and ambition. It also increases your resilience to anything life throws at you in 2019. So, explore with a new medium, technique or style!
  • 5.Travel more. Science shows creativity and travel are linked. So boost your observation skills and creative mind by taking that sketch book (Resolution No. 1) with you for a weekend getaway! (Photo Image Courtesy of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, "Why Arkansas?")