Irma Gail Hatcher

Irma Gail Hatcher

2003 Award Recipient | QUILTS, Conway

Irma Gail Hatcher of Conway was named the 2003 Arkansas Living Treasure for her work as a quilter.

Hatcher was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and has lived throughout the United States before settling in Conway.

Hatcher fell in love with the art of quilting in 1981 after attending her first quilt show in Arkansas. She made her first quilt for her daughter, Gailyn, in 1982, and she has been making quilts ever since. She has taught quilting classes, delivered lectures internationally and has written eight books on the subject, as well as numerous magazine articles.

As a result of her attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, her quilts may take up to a year to complete, and this is not counting the months or years she spends designing each quilt.

She has won dozens of awards for her work. One of her quilts, "Conway Album (I'm Not From Baltimore)," won almost 10 national awards, including “Best of Show” at Quilt America. The quilt also qualified as a National Quilting Association “Masterpiece Quilt” and was on exhibit as one of the “100 Best American Quilts of the 20th Century” at the 1999 Houston Quilt Festival. Several of her quilts have been exhibited in Europe and many have been featured on the covers of national quilt magazines.

In 1995, she received the status of Master Quilter by the National Quilting Association, making her the only Arkansan to earn this distinction. In 2002, three of her quilts were displayed in the exhibit, “30 Distinguished Quilters of the World” in Japan.

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