Susan Hutchcroft

Susan  Hutchcroft
Multi-Disciplinary: Visual Arts; Clay; Photography
Fayetteville, Arkansas
479-571-2706 | 479-200-0663


Susan Hutchcroft is a multi-media artist with an emphasis in clay. She earned a BFA in painting and an MFA in clay from the University of Arkansas. She has been a leading arts educator at Walton Arts Center for the past ten years. 

AIE Program

Art educators at CCC experience children fully engaged in the learning process on a daily basis when they work in the studios on visual arts projects. There are few places in most communities where children can actively learn in productive and purely visual arts environments. As arts educators CCC staff are experienced in providing a specific environment designed for children who demonstrate a need to create in the visual arts. As arts educators, they are also skillful at introducing the arts principles, tools and techniques to interest children who are new to the process of creating in visual art. They experience the creative process of children sustaining their focus and creating work in 1 hour to two and a half hour sessions up to 1 to 8 sessions in the visual art studio. CCC staff evaluate their work, and continually improve the quality of the educational experience. The Community Creative Center provides an enjoyable, affordable and supportive environment for learning in the visual arts. Learners of all ages can explore photography, practice on the pottery wheel, learn puppetry techniques, draw, and paint or sculpt with instruction from teaching artists. Through their classes, open studios and exhibitions, CCC offers opportunities for learners, artists, educators, families, community partners and volunteers to become involved in arts education. Available to conduct teacher workshops.

  • Preferred Age Level: all ages
  • Geographic Availability: Northwest Arkansas
  • Time Availability: open
  • Special Needs: electricity, adequate light, sink with water, tables and chairs - 4 per table



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