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The Selvy Singers

The Selvy Singers is a family gospel-singing group organized by their parents, Reverend Jesse Selvy Jr. and their mother Johnnie Selvyin 1988. For 27 years, they have been performing in the gospel music internationally. group consists of six vocalists and six background musicians. Named 2003 Artist of the Year at the American Gospel Quartet Convention in Birmingham, Alabama, the Selvy Singers enjoy traveling, writing, composing and singing together as one big joyous family.

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Fee(s): $3,500 / performance Four double rooms.

Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Sound system with microphone. If Selvy's provide system, the fee range is $500-$1,500, depending on venue.


Jesse Selvy Jr.
Earle, AR
870-792-7490 | 870-208-3276

The Selvy Singers