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The True Gospel Wright Singers are a family group that started performing together in 1981. Their formation as a group came about as a result of their parents listening to what they thought was a recording playing on the radio only to find out it was their children.  The children had paid close attention to their father’s group The Golden Aires, and finding that out, the parents, Jr. and Elaine Wright, looked at each other and knew that it was time to bring in drums, guitars, and microphones to form what is now known as The True Gospel Wright Singers. The family has traveled across the country, signing to crowds in the thousands, and becoming one of the most sought after Gospel groups today. They won honors as New Artists of the Year and Mixed Group of the Year from the American Gospel Quartet Convention in 2009, been given the Excellissa Award,  and have appeared on “Bobby Jones Gospel,” “ Its Music,” and many more. The True Gospel Wright Singers have also appeared with the well-known performers Willie Neal Johnson and the Keynotes, Doc Mackenzie and the Highlights, and Lee Williams and The Spiritual QCs They have recorded 3 albums, with a new single release calledI Want to See Jesus.

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Fee(s): $1,500 to $4,500, depending on travel distance; minimum of 4 rooms and board; set up of sound system is separate cost, varying on venue and what is requested ($500-$1,500)

Availability: Year-round


Elaine Wright
Blytheville, Arkansas
901–304-6153 | 870-208-3276

 True Gospel Wright Singers Ministries