Magic and Illusion/Puppetry

Rocky Clements--Show of Wonders

The “Show of Wonders” Illusion and Magic Show is a trip back in time to the days of traveling variety shows and Vaudeville.  Complete with a beautiful stage set as well as vintage and ornate props, it is a show that will appeal to all ages from children to adults.  Each performance features routines and stories about the master magicians of old, traveling medicine shows, carnival sideshows, and more.  The production can be tailored to any venue including full evening theater productions, children’s library programs, and outdoor festivals.  "Rocky Clements--Show of Wonders” is a professional production that will take your audience back to the golden era of magic and variety entertainment…once upon a stage!

Fee(s): $300-$1,200/depending on length and type of show

Availability: Year-round
Requirements: Electricity


Rocky Clements
Jonesboro, AR
(870) 930-0119

 Rocky Clements--Show of Wonders