Marcia Roles Bingham

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Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright
32" x 40", w/c on paper
Marcia Roles Bingham
Marcia Roles Bingham, Sherwood

Painting and creating are like breathing and eating to me-they are essential. I have drawn since my earliest memories. This sketching and drawing, almost every moment, morphed into pastel, watercolor, acrylic, glass and more. I see new paintings everywhere-in everyday circumstances and in the sublime and unusual. I especially focus on painting people I love and the human form, as they are the most fascinating and challenging of all. My inspiration initiates with color. It is the beginning of every painting, my delight. Texture and dimension pique my interest, as well. I have become less interested in realism in recent years and paint more directly through my personal lens as I travel on my spiritual journey.