Jessica Louise Camp

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Self Reflecting
30.25" x 40", charcoal, gouache, india ink-gesso paper
Jessica Louise Camp
Jessica Louise Camp, Conway

I have found that I am most drawn to making complex, high contrast imagery. I love working with wet and dry media, especially combining the two. First I sketch out the composition to make sure the placement of figures is a working composition. Next, I begin the dance. With my work on the floor I find it easier to hover over the piece and slowly become possessed by my emotions. As time passes I lose track of time and space. I start with one idea, run with it, and then sometimes it morphs into something else. I'm always pleasantly surprised by the end result. Since I'm still a student, I'm still attempting to get the hang of my style and love trying new mediums and techniques. I feel like my more recent art is beginning to speak and I can't wait to hear what it has to say.