Morrissey, Thomas

Morrissey, Thomas

Email Address: [email protected]
Medium: Crafts,Drawings and Graphics,Folk and Traditional,Mixed Media,Paintings,Photography,Print Making,Sculpture
Region: Southwest
Residence: Texarkana

I have been a full time artist/college/university arts educator for over 40 years. My "artistic license," a lifetime of experience, study, and experimentation with no fear of “eschewing the dictums.” Clement Greenberg, noted art critic, proclaimed “All profoundly original art looks ugly at first.”

There are those in the arts who repeat history and others who make it. My lifelong exposure to an array of innovators in all media has cemented this mantra as the root of my personal creative manifesto.

To succeed in uncharted territory, one must first be well versed at navigating charted waters. My life's work exemplifies my quest to master my craft in several media, while remaining autonomous in developing and articulating my visual language. I have not submitted to others who proceeded me regardless of media or genera.

My work, is the visual evidence, produced by identifying and recognizing issues and the resultant resolution of them: a visual, conceptual problem solving processes.

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